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Brief review

Public Folder HelpDesk works with Microsoft Outlook to bring users a simple help desk program. HelpDesk has a clean interface that integrates into Outlook. File sharing makes this tool easy to use for large work desk groups.


Tickets are collected by Public Folder HelpDesk and placed in a shared Outlook folder. Once inside of the folder, help desk members can choose any ticket to work on by simply clicking on that ticket. Tickets that have been addressed or opened appear different than tickets that still require attention. Using this program is as simple as using any other file sharing program or using Outlook.

Main Function

When it comes to addressing a number of customer problems, the only way to ensure that all problems are adequately solved is to have more than one team member work on a set of problems at once time. Public Folder HelpDesk makes simultaneous teamwork simple by setting this program up to work well with Outlook. There’s nothing hard about this program, and no learning curve exists while using Public Folder HelpDesk.

Extra Features

As mentioned, the best feature of Public Folder HelpDesk is the integration feature. Viewing and choosing various tickets to work on is a cinch thanks to the Outlook-based interface. Further, training employees to use this program is merely a matter of going over Outlook basics.


The full version of Public Folder HelpDesk will set you back around $2000. This is not a large price to pay for a program that was meant for use by large businesses. If you want to give this tool a try, Public Folder HelpDesk is available for a trial period of time (always a good idea).

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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